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How to set up the ExpressVPN app on your mobile phone. Subscribe to ExpressVPN on the order page. Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your phone. Connect to any of our 160 server locations. Use the internet the way you want to use it! If you need help, the ExpressVPN Support Team is available via live chat and email.

Expressvpn mobile
Express VPN comes highly recommended for those who would like to keep their online activity private, maintain the safety of their data on devices and bypass geoblocks. After you buy it, you need to understand how to install Express VPN properly and get it to work. If you don't get installation right you are exposed – you don't have any protection from anyone who might decide to have a look at your online activity. For those who have used a VPN before the installation process may be simple. However, if you are using a VPN for the first time you will need to follow the recommended steps to ensure that it's downloaded, installed and that all the settings are in place to give you maximum protection. This guide will look at how to install Express VPN for desktop and mobile and a variety of other devices. Express VPN for Firestick is a great way to go for anyone who wants to stream content from many different countries without encountering geoblocks. This VPN has an app that's made specifically for Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, but you can only use it on second-generation Amazon devices and later. If your Firestick or Fire TV is older than that, you'll need to buy a new one to use with Express VPN. This process assumes that you've already bought Express VPN. If you want to install Express VPN for Firestick here's what you need to do: When many people hear about Express VPN for Kodi the first question they ask is “does it work? It is very fast and with more than 3,000 servers in almost 100 countries you have a wide variety of streaming channels to choose from. Installing Express VPN for Kodi is easy, and if you do it right you can start streaming within minutes. If you are installing a VPN for a TV device for the first time you may find the process a little daunting. The important thing to keep in mind is that it isn't hard at all, and if you get stuck at any point you can always call customer support for help. There are two ways that you can secure Kodi with Express VPN. You can install it as a dedicated app and let it run in the background each time Kodi is on, or you can use it as an add-on. Amazon Fire TV has become more and more popular for media streaming in recent years. Its capabilities are a bit more limited than the Firestick, but many people choose it because it's smaller, more portable and cheaper. Although this device allows you to stream content, you'll still have to deal with geo-blocks, and that's why you need a VPN. Express VPN works well because it masks your IP address and allows you to access content from most countries. The process of installing Express VPN on Amazon Fire TV is the same as installing it on Amazon Firestick. Installing Express VPN on a router allows you to connect all your devices through a single connection. Instead of installing on each device you install Express VPN on just the router, and if there is a problem you only have to troubleshoot the router. Many people have no idea how routers work, and therefore forego the convenience of having one. There are several steps involved in the installation process but if you get it set up properly you'll enjoy all the benefits of a router. With these, all you have to do is download the software and connect to the different devices. If you have a router that isn't configured for VPN the process to get Express VPN to work is a bit longer, but it can be done. 3 router brands work well with VPNs: Asus, Linksys and Netgear. Before you buy make sure to check that the router will indeed work with a VPN. These routers cost a bit more than the non-compatible type, but they are worth it. They are easier to configure, and once set up they work pretty flawlessly. Remember, this process is a bit tedious, and if you don't have any experience with manually configuring routers you may be better off buying a router that's configured for VPN. The Express VPN website has done a great job of writing configuration instructions for more than 15 routers. You can check there to see whether yours is included. Here are some general instructions that you can use to install Express VPN on a router: Roku is quickly becoming a favorite streaming device for many. With access to more than 3,000 paid and unpaid channels it's not hard to see why. However, even with this device, you'll not be able to access some channels because of geoblocks. The best way to get around this obstacle is to invest in software like Express VPN. The one important thing to note about using Roku with a VPN is that it needs to be connected either through a real router or a virtual router. Since a virtual router doesn't cost anything and involves only a few steps, that's what we'll focus on. Nvidia Shield is also excellent for streaming content, but you may not always get the TV shows and movies that you want because of geoblocks. You can solve the problem by installing Express VPN. Here are the steps to follow: Express VPN is one of the best VPNs available in the market today. It offers excellent speeds, top-notch encryption and can be used on several devices at the same time. While it may be easy to install on some devices, it's a little more complicated in others. You need to know how to install Express VPN on different devices in order to enjoy the security and freedom it provides. The instructions provided here may vary depending on the device you're using. If you try and aren't successful you can contact the support team, and someone will walk you through the installation process.Whether you're logging into your bank's website from your smartphone, browsing on public Wi-Fi at the airport or just trying to enjoy some basic privacy online, a reliable VPN is an essential tool for everyday phone users. Finding the best mobile VPN, however, can be challenging. , we look into each service's mobile VPN app experience before we rank them. It may not always be the case that the best VPN overall will be the best to use with your mobile device. But a growing mobile-first approach among most leading providers has, in this case, paid off for subscribers. Most recently, we've found the ranking champions on our overall best VPN list to have made competitive strides with their product's mobile offering for both Android and Apple products, and we expect that trend to continue. For the same reason, this best mobile VPN list also currently reflects the same rankings you'll find in our list of the . If and when a VPN offers a mobile client more closely tailored to the environment of either of those smartphones, you'll see those changes reflected in their respective directory. As always, we strongly recommend you and instead use a thoroughly tested paid VPN whenever possible. We're actively working on more research and testing. As such, this list will be updated periodically as we stay on top of speed rankings, security improvements, user-friendliness and cost value for each of these apps. 13 sale of Express VPN to Kape Technologies, a company that has raised significant privacy concerns for us in the past, we're carefully re-evaluating Express VPN to determine the implications that its new ownership may have on users' privacy. We'll update our recommendations and reviews if and when warranted. Despite its customizability and powerful performance as a virtual private network, Surfshark's i OS VPN app and Android app offer an interface that is surprisingly intuitive for first-time users. Its four-tab design elegantly conceals a host of privacy tools and connection options, highlighting a single-click connection button on the app's landing screen. Quickly access one of Surfshark's multihop connection options -- one of its most promising features, which jumps your connection through multiple countries to hide your trail -- through its main location-selection screen, with no need to rummage through the app's VPN settings. Surfshark also gets bonus points for making its customer support options readily available, including its help ticket feature and user guide library. While Surfshark's network is smaller than some, the VPN service makes up for it in features. Let's start off with the biggest win it offers: unlimited device support. If you want to run your entire home or office on Surfshark's VPN, you don't have to worry about how many devices you have on or connected. It also offers antimalware, ad-blocking and tracker-blocking as part of its software. Surfshark received generally high marks when its Chrome and Firefox extensions were audited for privacy by German security firm Cure 53 (PDF link of full report) -- though that audit was commissioned by Surfshark. The VPN provider has a solid range of app support, running on Mac, Windows, i OS, Android, Fire TV and routers. Additional devices such as game consoles can be configured for Surfshark via DNS settings. We particularly like the feature that allows you to whitelist certain apps and websites to automatically bypass the VPN. For some business uses, this can be critically important. Along with multihop, Surfshark also offers two more special modes designed for those who want to get around restrictions and more carefully hide their online footsteps. Camouflage Mode masks your VPN activity so your ISP doesn't know you're using a virtual private network. And No Borders Mode "allows [you] to successfully use Surfshark in restrictive regions." Just be careful. Doing any of those things could be illegal in your country and could result in severe penalties. During our testing, we didn't see a DNS leak or IP address leak, and had no trouble accessing Netflix. Unlike many other VPN providers, Surfshark doesn't offer a one-year plan. Its best offer is $2.21 a month, for its two-year plan (you pay about $60 up front). A six-month plan is $6.49 a month (about $39 up front), and month-by-month plans are $13 a month. Definitely take advantage of its generous 30-day trial to decide if you like this service (and if you choose the two-year plan, maybe set a reminder in 23 months to see if you can talk it into a continued discount rate). Just as Express VPN consistently proves itself to be one of the fastest VPNs on the market, its apps for i OS and Android are designed with a streamlined approach aimed at connecting fast without a fuss. A single button on its landing screen directs you to connect quickly, with the only accompanying option a drop-down server location selector with your fastest nearby city selected by default. Express VPN's other options -- its security and privacy tools, account and settings options, and support page -- are all kept neatly tucked away under a garden variety three-bar icon in the screen's top left corner. Express VPN has included an on-board IP address checker, along with two leak testers and a password generator. The company tells us its network is powered by Trusted Server technology, which Express VPN built to ensure that there are never any logs of its users' online activities. In the privacy world, Express VPN has a strong track record, having experienced a server seizure by authorities which proved their zero-log policy true at the time. We also like the quality of the VPN's setup guides, and the detailed information in its FAQ. Like the rest of the top five VPN services we've reviewed, Express VPN offers a useful kill switch feature, which prevents network data from leaking outside of its secure VPN tunnel in the event the VPN connection fails. Unlike the others, though, Express VPN gained points from us for its support of bitcoin as a payment method -- something not all of our favorites offer, but which adds an additional layer of privacy during checkout. The company has been in business since 2009, and Express VPN has a substantial network of fast VPN servers spread across 94 countries. Its best plan is priced at less than $7 a month for an annual package, which includes three months free. Nord VPN is one of the most recognized brands in the VPN field. Part of that brand recognition is based on its intuitive design. The Nord VPN i OS app is just as easy to interact with as its desktop client, with a similar design. It poses no learning curve if you're new to the app and looking to move from desktop to a mobile i OS device like an i Phone or i Pad. Just as the desktop client does, Nord's Android and i Phone apps open to a familiar blue-scale landing screen map where a user can opt to either select a country or connect to the fastest server automatically. Nord gets bonus points for its split-tunneling feature, which allows you to select other apps that you don't want to run through your encrypted VPN connection. Nord offers a generous simultaneous connection count, with six connections allowed through its network -- nearly all other providers offer five or fewer. Nord VPN also offers a dedicated IP option, for those looking for a different level of VPN connection. Nord VPN offers a kill switch security feature, and the ability to VPN into Tor. We detected no privacy leaks during our tests, and found its speeds to be reliably fast. The company's one-year subscription plan costs $4.92 a month ($59 billed at once). While that yearly price is lower than most other contenders, the month-to-month price of $12 is at the high end of the spectrum. But the VPN provider does offer a full 30-day refund policy. While Nord VPN has lived on our top VPNs list for a long time, we moved it to the penalty box in October 2019 to re-evaluate our recommendation after a report emerged that one of its rented servers was accessed without authorization in 2018. Nord's actions following the discovery included -- eventually -- multiple security audits, a bug bounty program and heavier investments in server security. While we'd have preferred that Nord self-disclosed the issue much earlier, the fact that the breach was limited in nature and involved no user-identifying information served to further verify that Nord VPN keeps no logs of its VPN user activity. As a result, Nord remains on our list as a recommended VPN service provider. A big win for IPVanish is its fun, configurable interface, which makes it an ideal client for those who are interested in learning how to understand what a VPN does under the hood. With both its i OS and Android apps, IPVanish manages to pack the same extensive suite of digital knobs and dials into a smaller screen to impressive effect. If you're looking for the ability to do some precision-tuning to your VPN connection, IPVanish is a solid bet. From generating visual graphs of your internet activity to a bevy of switches controlling split-tunnelling, LAN connection allowance and more -- IPVanish is an app for the methodical tech tweaker who enjoys having exact control over their mobile traffic. Its multiplatform flexibility is also ideal for people focused on finding a Netflix-friendly VPN. A unique feature of IPVanish, and one we're intrigued by, is the VPN's support of Kodi, the open-source media streaming app that was once known as XBMC. The integrated IPVanish Kodi plugin provides access to media worldwide. At $11 a month or $65 a year, IPVanish VPN is obviously trying to move you towards its yearly program. We're a little disappointed that it only allows a seven-day trial, rather than a full 30 days, but it does offer a full money-back guarantee. That said, the company gets kudos for its recent increase from 10 to now unlimited simultaneous connections. We also liked its connection kill switch feature, a must for anyone serious about remaining anonymous while surfing. Use a mobile-friendly VPN solution to avoid slower speeds and ensure greater data privacy for your whole device. Mobile VPNs generally have a smaller memory footprint, and require less processing power than desktop VPNs, so they run faster and save more battery. Our top three VPNs listed above all have excellent, easy-to-use mobile app options for their services. Some VPNs will only work with one type of platform -- like Apple or Android -- and some are universally compatible. To find the right mobile VPN for you, check out our other mobile-specific VPN guides below. While there are plenty of excellent free security and privacy apps online, VPNs sadly aren't among them. We routinely update them with our re-testing information so check back often. Safe VPNs cost companies a lot of money to operate and keep secure, and a free VPN app is almost always a malware-laden data snoop. But there's good news: The burgeoning VPN market is hyper-competitive right now, so prices for even the best VPNs regularly drop to less than $5 a month. In fact, the least expensive VPN client we've seen so far ranks in our top three VPNs overall for security and speed. Check out our quick list of budget-savvy VPNs to find one in your price range.A common question that users ask after they buy this software for the first time is how to use Express VPN correctly so that they are safe at all times. Express VPN is an excellent choice for those who want to stay private when they go online. It keeps online activity private, bypasses censorship and overcomes geoblocks. The software does this by encrypting your data whenever you are logged onto the internet, so no one can see what you are doing. In this post, we'll learn how to use Express VPN on desktop and mobile, as well as on Amazon Fire Stick, Kodi and Fire TV. We'll also have a look at how to use Express VPN for torrenting. The first step is to make sure that the software is properly downloaded and set up in any of the devices that you plan to use it on. If you don't know how to do that, you can refer to our guide on Most people who buy this software want to use it to secure a desktop or laptop, tablet or cell phone. As we've mentioned, the first step is to download and install the software. A shortcut will be installed automatically on your desktop for easier access. Visit Express VPN Now While Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV work well as streaming devices, you'll still be locked out from accessing content from some regions because of geoblocks. It assigns you an IP address that makes it look like you are accessing content from an authorized region. Here's how to use Express VPN on Fire Stick and Fire TV. We'll assume that you have already downloaded and installed Express VPN on your streaming device. Kodi, an open-source streaming software, has more than 35 million users. It allows you to access content from different channels when you install the right add-ons. However, some streaming services have successfully locked out users who access content from some regions. If you find that you cannot get some content because of geo-blocks, Express VPN is a smart and affordable way to get whatever shows and movies you want at any time. Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed Express VPN for Kodi, here's how to use it: Visit Express VPN Now P2P file-sharing has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. While it's possible to torrent content without a VPN, there's always the chance that if caught, you'll face severe penalties for breach of copyright. To make sure that this never happens always use a VPN. Torrenting with Express VPN is safe because it masks your device IP, so no one can tell where you are torrenting from. They cannot see what files you are sharing, and your ISP cannot see that you are using P2P. The best thing about torrenting with Express VPN is that setup and use are easy. All you need to do is download and install the software, and then open it before you open your torrenting client. Make sure that you double-check your connection before you open u Torrent. You can do this on the hamburger icon on the top left of the app. Open it and click on “IP Address Checker” to see that your IP address has indeed been changed. Within the hamburger icon are the Express VPN settings. Go through them and amend them accordingly to ensure that you are protected at all times. If you are happy with the settings, you can open your torrent client and start sharing files. Express VPN is considered one of the best security software in the market. It's fast, has multiple servers, offers high-level security and is affordable. Learning how to use Express VPN correctly will determine whether or not you are protected. This guide takes you through how to use Express VPN for mobile and desktop, Fire TV, Kodi and u Torrent. The steps outlined here should help get you on your way, but if you encounter any obstacles contact the help desk.It lets you convert video for your Android devices and other players. You can save and play music and videos on your cell phone. Best app that allows you to get movies from You Tube to your computer for free. Is a desktop and mobile application Express VPN app that is compatible with all devices. Software product encrypts data and does not retain logs. Get App Interface at Express VPN free is simple and easy to navigate. There are clear sections that can be found with a quick glance. The sections are: Home, Sign Up, Plans, My Account, Downloads. Software product has a free and premium plan which offers discounts for annual subscriptions. You can easily find what you need and get to it quickly. There are sections for everything you need, sections are clearly labeled. Is an application Express VPN edge extension that allows its users to connect to its network of servers with intent to encrypt their internet traffic with end-to-end encryption. The application is available for Windows, Android, i OS, mac OS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Echo, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Kindle, Google Chrome. Has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case a customer Express VPN browser extension is not satisfied with the service. If a customer subscribes to service and is not satisfied with their service, they have a full 30 days to request a refund. Offers a lengthly trial period for customers to be certain that the service is suitable for their needs. In this article, you will find a list of tips that can help you get some experience from the VPN app. Express VPN is a service that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a VPN that can be used to access websites and streaming services that are blocked in a particular country. Express VPN is designed to bypass censorship and geo-restricted websites, as well as any other content your country has blocked for whatever reason. With over 45 different access points in 90 countries, now you can log on from almost any country on the planet to browse the web without restrictions or limitations. Whenever you set up which IP address you want to connect from, you open any content available without getting a government censorship pop-up. One of the major advantages in Express VPN is that it works on Wi Fi, LTE/4G, 3G -- plus any service provider with mobile data, regardless of your phone company. Plus you get to browse from a high-speed connection without relying on other external services. Another aspect to keep in mind is that connecting via Express VPN is fully safe, so you don't have to worry about getting caught.To help reclaim your privacy from so-called surveillance capitalism, add a VPN to your toolkit.A VPN protects you by routing all your web traffic through an encrypted connection to a remote server, hiding your true identity and shielding your personal data.

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