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Bitdefender Antivirus Free - Download Free Antivirus Software

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a free antivirus software especially designed to protect Windows computers. Need protection on more operating systems? Bitdefender Total Security offers cross-platform protection that covers Windows PCs, Macs, Smartphones and Tablets running Android or iOS for up to 10 devices.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free - Download Free Antivirus Software
Bitdefender is one of the largest names in the antivirus software industry. The company offers a free antivirus for personal use, all the way up to security packages for enterprises with hundreds of users. We examined the popular antivirus service to help you decide. on the market, it’s not without a few small issues regarding its unclear pricing and its performance on user machines. Forbes Advisor combed through the details to uncover if the security and features of Bitdefender prevail over some of its drawbacks. One of Bitdefender’s strengths is the number of features each plan offers. Forbes Advisor breaks down the key attributes to summarize what Bitdefender offers. Bitdefender’s consumer-centric plans start at $19.99 per year for one device and go all the way up to $179.99 for 10 devices on a three-year agreement. With the personal plan, you get standard features including anti-phishing capabilities, vulnerability assessment reports and a file shredder that permanently removes sensitive information off of your machine. This review mainly focuses on the business on the business package option, but Bitdefender’s personal plans are also impressive. If you run a small or one-person business, those packages may be worth considering. Bitdefender’s protection is built on the company’s Gravity Zone platform. Gravity Zone is a powerful security solution that can protect email servers, deal with security patches and encrypt your most sensitive data. Pricing for Bitdefender’s entry-level business security plan starts at $77.69 per year with protection for up to three devices and one server. Depending on what package and add-ons you go with, the software can easily cost over $10,000 per year for larger teams. This is in line with other business antivirus platforms we’ve seen on the market. Gravity Zone also offers security for virtual machines, full disk encryption and protection for mobile devices, all of which you can manage through a centralized control console. Some versions of Gravity Zone security also provide a risk management console that shows your company’s overall risk to attacks and breaks down the specific machines that are causing problems. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is one of the newest features in Bitdefender. This add-on module provides a visual overview of your computer systems that highlights potential attack paths by identifying any weak links in your systems and suggests the steps to patch any holes. If an attack happens, EDR lets you isolate and analyze where itcame from and why it happened in the first place. Although Bitdefender offers a lot of tools for a large enterprise, it also offers protection for small businesses. Bitdefender offers Gravity Zone Business Security, designed for anything from three devices to 100, which features a list of tools that are tailored toward small businesses without a dedicated IT team. Gravity Zone is still at the heart of the service, so you have access to features like application behavior monitoring, ransomware protection and web-based security. Over similar small business services, however, Bitdefender also offers server protection. You can protect a virtual or physical server as part of your plan, no add-on required. Server protection compromises 30% of your total devices, so you can protect one server with three devices and five servers with 15 devices. If you don’t have a server, you can still use your available devices as normal. This is a huge benefit for small businesses with a local file server or two. A lot of competing services only offer server protection through an add-on or reserve it for more expensive plans. With Bitdefender, you can keep your servers safe no matter how many devices your business needs to protect. Although we’ve focused mainly on Bitdefender’s business protection, it offers personal protection, too. The personal service is one of the most robust on the market, offering a VPN, banking protection and webcam security in addition to ransomware detection and real-time security. Bitdefender offers multiple antivirus packages depending on the features you need and the number of devices you need to protect. In addition to protection for a single user, Bitdefender offers plans for families and small offices that only need to protect a few devices. This is what makes Bitdefender so easy to recommend. Almost across the board, you can choose one from a number of antivirus packages offered by the company and it will deliver the security you need. That includes massive enterprises, growing businesses, small offices and even individual users. Related: Best Antivirus Software It’s not perfect, though. Independent testing shows that it is slightly more demanding on your computer than other services. It’s also been reported to occasionally flag a false positive, though they’re few and far between. One of the biggest drawbacks to Bitdefender is price. It’s one of the more expensive services on the market, and some critical features, such as email security, will cost you extra. You could end up spending hundreds more on a subscription compared to other options depending on the features you need. Although it’s more expensive than services like Avast, Bitdefender offers a generous discount for the initial term. Plus, it offers features like server protection across most business plans, whereas many other services charge for the extra protection. It’s important to note that the higher-than-average pricing only applies to the business service. As we’ll dig into in the next section, Bitdefender’s personal plans end up cheaper than much of the competition. Comparing Bitdefender to other popular antivirus services, it becomes clear that it’s in the top class of services. Avira still outpaces it based on our rankings, but Bitdefender still manages to beat several other top companies, including Malwarebytes. The biggest upfront difference between the three services is price. Keep in mind that Bitdefender offers a generous discount on annual pricing, which is why it’s so much cheaper than Avira and Malwarebytes. As for features, Bitdefender and Avira are directly comparable. Both go beyond simply scanning with a suite of security and PC tune-up features. Both include a VPN, anti-tracking measures for your browser and anti-spam measures for local email clients. Malwarebytes includes some of these features, including a VPN and browser protection. Notably, it doesn’t include a PC clean-up tool or a file shredder, both of which are available with Avira and Bitdefender. There are some areas where Avira may be a better choice than Bitdefender. For example, Avira includes a few non-essential extras that Bitdefender lacks, like a price comparison tool for your browser. But the two systems are fairly similar in what they offer. Bitdefender’s Gravity Zone business memberships go beyond simply protecting your devices from threats. In addition to real-time protection across desktop, mobile and web, Bitdefender offers a suite of threat forecasts that can help you seal up any leaking holes before they become a problem. Before an attack, admins can monitor things like the number of unencrypted web pages employees visit. After an attack, Bitdefender gives you the tools to break down and understand why the attack happened and how to avoid it in the future. On top of that, Bitdefender leverages machine learning to predict and block threats before they can impact your business. Who Should Use It: Businesses that need to monitor and analyze threats before they can happen. Malwarebytes can protect as little as a single device and as many as 100 devices. Malwarebytes for Teams can protect up to nine devices, and it includes all of the antivirus’ key features. Those include real-time protection on desktop, ransomware and phishing protection and zero-day exploit detection. If you have a larger team or need extra security, Malwarebytes has you covered. The premium package includes threat isolation and recovery, ransomware rollback and the ability to add server security. From protecting a few devices in a small office to defending dozens of devices from large attacks, Malwarebytes has something for everyone. Who Should Use It: Malwarebytes offers a scalable platform that fits in the small office as well as it does in the sprawling enterprise. As one of the most secure options on the market and packed to the brim with features, it’s hard arguing with Bitdefender. That said, it’s possible to save some money on a business plan while getting a similar list of features and protection. Bitdefender’s business service is expensive, especially as you add on new features. The upside is protection for servers, which could make the difference depending on what your business needs. In some cases, however, businesses will be paying more for features that are available elsewhere. If you want to protect yourself, your family or a small office, Bitdefender is one of the best options on the market. It’s cheaper than the competition while still packing the same features and protection. Thankfully, you can try out Bitdefender before you commit to a plan. It offers a free plan for individual users that you can use to scan your PC for threats. Businesses can also request a free trial to see how it works. Bitdefender consistently ranks at the top of antivirus services at independent testing institutions. In addition to signature-based threat detection, Bitdefender is able to identify new forms of malware with machine learning and behavior protection, protecting you from even the most recent threats. Bitdefender’s privacy policy states that it does not sell your data. It does, however, collect a minimal amount of personal data when “absolutely necessary,” though it takes efforts to anonymize that data when possible. Bitdefender ranks as one of the most secure antiviruses on the market, but it has had some problems in the past. A flaw was found in 2020 that would allow attackers to access a computer through a feature in the Total Security package. Bitdefender has fixed the issue and there hasn’t been another incident since. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Forbes Advisor adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners.Bitdefender antivirus plus boasts an array of features including strong malware and ransomware defences, little performance drag, and much more. Here are more details on usage and features of this premium antivirus. To install Bitdefender antivirus plus, it is expedient to navigate through your web account. Download the protection after inserting your product key from the Bitdefender Central. For active malware, the software will ensure to unleash a quick scan during the installation procedure. At the network phase, you will discover how the software security works against fradulent and malicious URLs. This simply means that a browser plugin is not required to get the best result. There is every possibility to prevent your internet connection when trying to fight against fraudulent and malicious websites. If there is any fradulent or phishing websites that are trying to capture your login information, the software will do a great job by preventing them. The Bitdefender Traffic Light analysis feature will help to provide top-notch security without visiting a website. On the main page of the software, you will see a free provision to scan against malware. Users have the opportunity of selecting a complete scan on the features platform of the application. How to use To install the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, you have to download the web installer on your PC from Bitdefender Central. If you buy the antivirus for more than one computer, you have to repeat the installation process on all the other devices. To install the antivirus on multiple computers, you have to use the account which contains your Bitdefender active subscription. Before you begin installing Bitdefender on your computer, you will need an active subscription on your account. The process of activating your subscription goes as follows; – Access Bitdefender central. – Go to My subscriptions panel and select Click on the Activation code – Input your code in the corresponding box – click on Activate Please note that the code can only be activated once. The antivirus has an intelligent feature that saves battery for your devices. After you have activated your subscription, you can then go ahead and install Bitdefender Antivirus Plus on your device. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus protects against all threats including worms, Trojans, viruses, spyware and rootkits. – Secures your online transactions and credit card details. It temporarily changes system settings such as Bluetooth connectivity, display, system cooling, etc. With just one click, Bitdefender scans for vulnerabilities such as outdated software and unsafe system settings in your PC’s. You can shop using a unique browser where your transactions are secured preventing fraud. 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