What is webroot secureanywhere

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what is webroot secureanywhere

The main benefits of Webroot SecureAnywhere are its quick and hassle-free deployment, its malware prevention, and its predictive prevention. Business looking to. Businesses looking for complete business protection can benefit greatly from Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection. This product. Webroot's suite has a nice interface, but the program needs to get better at detecting zero-day attacks and distinguishing between threats.

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Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete

What is webroot secureanywhere -

SecureAnywhere AntiVirus's new approach delivers faster, more effective virus protection that's always up to date. Won't conflict with other security programs, providing an added layer of protection. Also identifies and protects against new threats as soon as they emerge - without ever having to download security updates. Scans PCs with blazing fast speed and won't disrupt your work.


  • Blocks viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, and other malware threats
  • Lightest, fastest antivirus for 2012 scans your entire PC in about two minutes*
  • Stops unknown threats based on suspicious behavior
  • Continually updates itself so it's always current and you don't have to download updates
  • Prevents malicious programs from changing your security settings
  • Runs scans automatically or schedules them to run whenever you want
  • Protects against Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Rootkits, Keyloggers, Trojans, and Adware

What's New:

  • New file hash calculation to the agent log files.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Additional support for Edge Browser.
  • Efficacy enhancements.
  • Scan engine improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • The login screen now shows if the user is deactivated in Backup & Sync.
  • Backup settings are retained when logging in as a different user.
  • Compatibility with MalwareBytes AntiExploit.
  • Minor graphical fixes.


  • Hardened the scan progress against active rootkits.
  • Hijacked desktop backgrounds are now reset automatically on Windows XP after the cleanup completes.
  • Detection for a new set of VBScript threats.


  • Scanning of locked files.
  • Cleanup of active threats to avoid reboots.


  • “Support/Community” to “Help and Support” for localized languages.

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Webroot Secureanywhere Login Webroot Setup

Webroot Secureanywhere is world’s leading antivirus software which leads to your system’s sensitive data safety from uncountable cyber threats. Internet world is filled with millions of viruses and cyber threats, all ready to harm system valuable information. Best recommendation for fulfilling all security needs of your device is to install Webroot Secureanywhere . Webroot Secureanywhere is built with antivirus functionalities and enables a security shield on your device .

Just download the Webroot Secureanywhere with Webroot keycode , install and activate the software and you are all set with the complete security suite of your device . Webroot Secureanywhere security account can also be used for managing Webroot Subscription online .

From where to find 20-Digit Webroot Key code?

It is extremely easy to locate Webroot Secureanywhere keycode just check the retail card while purchasing the Webroot antivirus software from the reseller shop or in your registered email ID if Webroot Secureanywhere is purchased from any online source.

What are the steps to Download and Install Webroot Secureanywhere?

  1. Firstly, Locate Webroot Secureanywhere key code.

  2. Install Webroot Secureanywhere on your device.

  3. Search .exe setup file in downloads folder of your computer.

  4. Tap on "Run" button in order to install Webroot Secureanywhere on your computer device.

  5. Tick on “I Agree” after going through all the terms and conditions of the Webroot Secureanywhere.

  6. Finally tap on “Next” button to finish the Webroot Antivirus software installation process.

Steps to activate Webroot Secureanywhere key code

  1. Now you need to launch the installed Webroot Secureanywhere with key code.

  2. Type your Webroot Secureanywhere activation code (without hyphens).

  3. Now go through the given on screen instructions after the Webroot Secureanywhere keycode authentication gets successful.

  4. Webroot Secureanywhere is activated now. You are all set to scan your device, files and data.

Webroot Secureanywhere Multi-Device Subscription

Webroot Secureanywhere offers multi-device, multipurpose application on webroot.com/secure. Every year Webroot comes up with a new and upgraded version being stronger on every update.

Webroot Secureanywhere is available at a very fair pricing model in the market. The pricing for Webroot Secureanywhere antivirus security software

$29.991 Device

$44.993 Devices

$59.995 Devices

Webroot Secureanywhere Subscription plans is same for Windows, iOS, macOS and Android Devices.

Prime benefit of moving on to Webroot Secureanywhere multi-subscription model is that it enables you to install Webroot on more than one computer device simultaneously.

Successful Webroot Secureanywhere Setup with Keycode

Make sure you enter Webroot Secureanywhere keycode without the use of hyphens. Remember your accurate Webroot details for easy reinstall via webroot.com/secure. If you are new to Webroot Secureanywhere then you can create a new account(steps given above). Through Webroot Secureanywhere account you are allowed to manage and upgrade your current Webroot subscription plan from www.webroot.com/secure.

Renew/Upgrade Webroot Setup Safe Subscription

  1. Open any secure web browser on your device.

  2. Enter webroot.com/secure in search area of your browser.

  3. Log in to your Webroot Secureanywhere account with accurate Credentials.

  4. Now select the Webroot subscription plan that you want to activate.

  5. Click on Renew Button and clear the payment of Webroot Secureanywhere plan subscription fees.

  6. Finally, your Webroot Secureanywhere subscription plan is renewed or upgraded.

How to Activate a new Keycode in Webroot Secureanywhere Account? [Windows]

  1. Open any browser in your secure device.

  2. Visit Webroot Secureanywhere official site in your system.

  3. Tap on “Setting” icon located next to “My Account” option.

  4. Enter new Webroot Secureanywhere key code in the keycode field and click on “Activate” button. From now onwards, new keycode has been activated.

How to Activate a new Keycode in Webroot Secureanywhere Account? [Mac]

  1. Open Webroot Secureanywhere on your device.

  2. Now, open Webroot SecureAnywhere interface by clicking on the Webroot icon in the menu bar Webroot SecureAnywhere from the drop-down menu

  3. Click the setting icon given on My Account Tab.

  4. Set new Webroot Secureanywhere Keycode and click on “Activate” button. New Webroot keycode will be activated.

This short 5-minute read will help you out through the process of Webroot Secureanywhere installation after downloading with the use of Webroot 20 Digit keycode . Also, the article is stuffed with valuable information onWebroot Secureanywhere single and multipurpose subscription plan. Get your system security need fulfilled with all in one security suite – Webroot Secureanywhere, leading antivirus software.

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